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Haji, Umrah & Ziarah

Umrah and Ziarah packages are opened whole year round (except during Haji season) especially during the Malaysian school holidays.

RBTT advertise Umrah and Ziarah packages in the major local papers stating departure dates to choose from. The packages are open for bookings two months after the last Haji season. Its offer packages for 6-7 in a room, 4-5 in a room and double occupancy.

However, prices would only be confirmed once Lembaga Urusan & Tabung Haji (LUTH) approves them. Interested would-be Jemaah may contact us for more info.

Having immense experiences in handling the Haji package over the last seven years with qualified personnel and superior ground arrangements in the two holy cities of Medina and Mecca, RBTT ensures our ever best services to facilitate the guests of Allah SWT.

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Outbound Packages

Our Outbound packages cover to selected destinations around the ASEAN region. You can choose to view the historical sites, monuments & famous buildings or enjoy yourself at entertainment theme parks. Nature and adventure enthusiasts can explore and experience great activities at the national parks, mountains, beaches and islands.

You can also take a cruise, playing golf, go shopping or just relax with your family anywhere, anytime with our attractive & affordable packages.

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Inbound Packages

Welcome to our Inbound Services Section, in line with our commitment to provide travelers with quality tours, our company provides a range of quality nature and adventure tours which are carefully selected and tested to meet our standards.

RBTT Inbound packages cover all spectacular destinations in our country. To broaden your experience and understanding of Malaysia, you can indulge in our various blend of culture, art and cuisine due to our multiracial community.

We can arrange hotel reservations, business meetings & conferences, exhibitions at hotels, company’s family day or outdoor activities, coach or car rental and should you want to arrange golf trips with your friends & colleague, we can also arrange it for you.

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